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BMW transmission service


There are many BMW models with many types of transmissions. BMW transmission are extremely complicated, whether it's an automatic transmission, a BMW transaxle or a BMW dual clutch transmission. In the modern automatic transmission the control unit (electronic brain) is built into the valve body and sits inside the automatic transmission (yes, in the fluid) crazy right?! A lot of newer vehicles are built this way and bmw technically says that your transmission fluid is "Lifetime fluid" which you can take any way you like but basically the fluid is good for the life expectancy of the transmission as a unit. That being said, some people like to service them anyway and Driven SD will do it if you so desire. Things to consider on this topic though, the thought process is that if you service your transmission periodically from the time the vehicle is new, it will last longer. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it doesn't work out that way. A BMW transmission service is somewhat expensive (Driven SD only uses BMW OEM parts and fluids for this), you do not want to cheap out on parts with such an expensive transmission. If you have a high mileage vehicle and you don't know the service history of the transmission you might want to leave it alone and go the other way as it can sometimes cause more problems than it solves on higher mileage vehicles. Some people on the other side of the isle think it best to save the money on services since they are expensive and trust the "Lifetime fluid" strategy to put that money saved towards a new transmission should a major failure ever happen and that honestly makes some sense too. The choice is ultimately yours so do your research on this one, call Driven SD if you have any questions about why this service may or may not be right for your vehicle. Driven SD would be happy to service your BMW transmission if that is what you want to do though and we will do it for less than the dealerships can too!

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