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Your microfilters (aka cabin air filters) are paper style air filters that keep the air you breathe inside your car clean and fresh. Some BMW vehicles have a seperate itemization in the CBS (condition based services) menu that will tell you when your cabin filters are due for replacement but on the models that don't list these separately Driven SD suggests pairing the service with your brake fluid flushing schedule (roughly every two years). Following that schedule will keep you breathing better and will help with interior odors over time as well. An old microfilter can give off a musty or dirty smell. Driven SD has the BMW experts to remove and replace them without damaging your vehicle too (yes, that is a concern when performing interior repairs, BMW's can be much more difficult to work on than some people realize and broken/missing parts is somewhat common when you have someone without BMW specific training working on your car. Luckily for you, you're trusting Driven SD with the job and our years of BMW experience will guarantee your vehicle is maintained properly and re-assembled in the same (or better) condition than it arrived.

BMW cabin filter (microfilter) service
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