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BMW Autohaus or BMW Werkstatt

Updated: Sep 14

Many shops that work on BMW's here in the US will have really cool sounding German words like autohaus or werkstatt in their name. I never really gave much thought to what those words mean, they just sounded cool to me. Recently for some reason, I wondered, what do they mean? Why do some shops call themselves an Autohaus and others Werkstatt. And what are they really called over in Germany? So down the rabbit hole I went.


Autohaus is German for "car dealer". A place to buy cars. This led to way bigger words like Gebrauchtwagen which means "used cars", and Kfz-Zulassungsbescheinigung which means "vehicle registration certificate". And if buying a gebrauchtwagen from an autohaus make sure to see if it comes with a Scheckheftgepflegt, which is the cars maintenance record book.

So if you were looking to buy a BMW, you'd go to a BMW Autohaus.


Werkstatt is German for "workshop". This is where you'd take your BMW to get serviced and repaired. Simple enough, but what I found fascinating is that in Germany there are several hundred of what are called mietwerkstatt. These are shops where you can rent a lift and tools, including special tools to work on your own car. How cool is that!

So to get your BMW serviced or repaired, go to a BMW Werkstatt.

Now we know.